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Individualised After Sales Service Repairs

Accelerate the deployment of your services and reduce the management complexity of your SAV traffic. Explore best practices and learn how to be more secure by opting for solutions that simplify your support.

Rework et opérations ponctuelles ( Hard Soft Customisation)

Tap into new perspectives from experts to release your potential.
SOFI Group commits to invaluable time saving and promises kept.

Repairs in Batches for Swapped Product Reconditioning

SOFI Group contributes to the harmonisation and implementation of your operation and helps you modernise and transform your processes.
Openness and initiative are driven by the needs of our clients.

Annexed Solutions (Logistics, BackOffice, HotLine and Before and After Sales Expertises)

SOFI Group is part of an approach of convergence solutions for performance optimisation for your environment and offers you the totality of up stream and down stream after sales services.


  • Any Volume Repair Centre:

    « Meets all needs, especially the most demanding »

    We offer high volume repair treatment, but also secondary, more confidential volume with no less consideration, thanks to flexible industrial installations and tailored solutions.

    The implementation of a repair service for broken screens allows you to benefit from an additionnal profit center by bringing a solution to the end client.

  • Monetisation of Swapped Product Lots:

    « We are committed to the added value our clients need in order to realise their potential »

    With new spare parts or parts recovered from returned goods, our clients contribute to prolonging the life cycle of their products while also benefitting from a strong resale value of their stocks.

  • Management of batch recovery (Rework):

    « Adaptability, reactivity, understanding needs, cost relevance and efficiency »

    For several years, these qualities have made SOFI Group a major European partner, unparalleled in terms of costs, timeframes and capacity.

    Our clients trust us to supply logistical, software and technologicaly solutions that help them to rectify their products and guarantee their clients’ satisfaction in terms of timeframes and quality.

  • Reduction of Costs and Unnecessary Returns:

    « We concentrate on the most intelligent decisions for the most efficient results »

    Our axes of action:

    • Analysis of first returns and recommendations
    • Correctional operations on deployed products and correctional instructions for manufacturing factories
    • Technical reports to inform the manufacturer
    • Software update/Triage/Test in the workshop for No Faulty Found filtering


Manufacturers that trust SOFI Group


Technicolor, global technological leader in the Media and Entertainment sector, is on the cutting edge of digital innovation. For over twenty years, this historic client has entrusted SOFI Group with the totality of its European After Sales Service and its one off operations within a framework of close relations.


Major actor in the storage solutions domain, Memup has been able to innovate with a complete range of multimedia tablets.

SOFI Group deploys solutions for its clients based on the service in question.


French specialist in wireless connection technology, Awox believes in SOFI Group.

We accompany our clients in the technical mastery of their innovations.


« WIKO has carved a solid position for itself in the French smartphone market in record time. »

SOFI Group is there for its clients and accompanies them in their rapid expansion in construction a high quality after sales services.


An Italian constructor that innovates with a committed, public oriented approach, Olivetti has been operating the ‘MADE IN FRANCE’ project for two years, supported by Orange and the Ministry of Recovery through Production.

As well as Olivetti’s Fax and Multifunction After Sales service, SOFI Group handle the Assembly of electronic products.


Aston embodies ‘digital innovation for all.’

A veritable pioneer in the satellite TV market, Aston has entrusted after sales service and logistics to SOFI Group.

SOFI Group, the Business

SOFI Group develops global logistic and technological solutions aligned with the needs and expectations of its clients.
The business brings its support to constructors, operators and distributors, in its three business areas: Individualised after sales services, batch Repairs for swapped product stock revalorisation and Rework (Hardware, Software or Customisation Correction Operations).
About SOFI Group

Since SOFI Group commenced business in dial phone repairs in 1986, it has been able to adapt to changes in the telecommunications and electronics market.
SOFI Group has confronted technological challenges with complete confidence, building a specialised experience in close collaboration with constructors and operators.
The factors that have shaped the company have helped ensure its equilibrium.

SOFI Group’s Values

Integrity is our most prized asset.
Our approach is resolute, anchored in the reality of our business activities.
SOFI Group exists to serve its clients.

SOFI Group’s Means

With a production infrastructure of over 6,000m², SOFI Group can construct a personalised and flexible installation for its clients.
Client aligned innovation leads to solutions and services that answer real world needs.
SOFI Group builds the foundations of growth and prosperity with respect to its collaborators and in the interests of their expansion.
Human potential plays a part in the stakes of the next digital revolution.